UNIQUE relations



The energy sector is undergoing a constant change. Based on our long-time experience and our excellent contacts to business journalists, we are able to provide orientation during these challenging times. We are supporting a well-renowned Austrian energy company during its change processes, are assisting an international group in stepping into the highly competitive Austrian energy market and are advising a private equity group on foreign acquisitions.

One of the most important service provider of the environmental and recycling sector relies on our strategic communication focus and know-how in performing communication work. When it comes to positioning itself, media work and Social Media, we are partners of institutions that facilitate and coordinate the energy transition in Austria.


We work with the necessary discretion for one of the world's largest providers of payment technologies.


We support the company in all PR- and Social Media relevant subjects at a national level and act as its press office. With our international clients we set actions on a corporate communication level.


The agency supports the entire media and public relations work of the largest Austrian culture events. Our range of activities encompasses strategic PR and communication services and organisation of press tours through all of the Austrian provinces, as well as individual interviews.


Ministries, politicians and public-sector enterprises rely on the extensive expertise of Josef Kalina and Michael Kochwalter for political communications, in addition to their precise understanding of the Austrian political landscape.


The agency is supporting its clients in this field via the observation and analysis of media reports and the interpretation of developments in the public discourse, as well as advising them on the strategic use of these observations. We are developing messages and texts for different subjects and formats and are supporting them in the preparation of their public media appearance.


We help one of Europe's fastest-growing airlines to take off in the Austrian media landscape. We are supporting a company´s PR agenda in the field of passenger transport and are responsible for their media strategy, public relations work and event management.


One of the key air transport company relies on our expertise and experience in the fields of media strategy and networks. We are responsible for strategic and operational media and public relations work at one of the leading companies in the driving and transportation training field and also conduct their press office operations.


There are times when things are not done in half-measures in the real-estate industry. Fusions and takeovers move hundreds of millions of Euros. We were part of one of the largest share deals in the past years as a consultant for communication.


Our clients include large foreign investors that take stakes in local, stock-exchange traded, real-estate companies, just like construction companies that are confronted with protests from individual groups during the building phase of projects.


The largest health company of Austria entrusts us with its media strategy and internal communication. Furthermore one of the biggest players in the Austrian cure and rehabilitation sector is using our strategic knowledge for press work.


The most tradition-steeped private hospital in Vienna, which is a leading care hospital in the field of people with disability, and one of Vienna’s largest providers of mobile care and support have also placed their communication agendas in our hands.


One of the world’s leading groups in the dairy product segment relies on our expertise and network for its media strategy, product PR and change communication. The same applies to one of the largest traditional bakeries in Vienna, which works with us on all its communication issues, such as classic press and PR tasks, product PR, charity cooperation and its online activities. There is also always something to do for a large DIY store operator. In addition to classic PR activities, we particularly focus on blogger relations and social media in the FMCG sector.


Industry must convince potential customers, purchasers and staff of its products and services. This requires sophisticated and well-considered communication and stakeholder strategies. We support one of the biggest international rail vehicle producers, Austrian industrial companies that are global market leaders and specialists in the automotive sector.


Wir betreuen inzwischen einen der größten internationalen Schienenfahrzeug-produzenten und österreichische Industriebetriebe, die in ihren Märkten Weltmarktführer sind.



The expertise of our experienced and well-connected consulting team is the basis for our communication work for international organisations that are located in Vienna.


We act as media spokesperson for embassies and as an advisor for the development of strategies and communication actions.


The pharmaceutical industry has special communication and public affairs requirements that need a high degree of discretion and trust. A lot of things are strictly governed, some are forbidden and little can be taken for granted.


We provide communication support for those companies from the communications strategy and key messages to the creation of press releases.