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UNIQUE talk: Sport deserves a future

Sport provides our lives with emotion and excitement! Sport is an enormous economic factor: Hahnenkamm races, Formula 1 GP or Vienna City Marathon attract hundreds of thousands of visitors. And sport creates quality of life: because those who are active themselves stay healthy longer. But there is a fine line: hooliganism around football stadiums and alcohol excesses at the edge of the slopes increasingly cloud the balance. Austria likes to see itself as a sports nation and should therefore check again and again whether we are still heading in the right, healthy direction or have long been promoting the wrong things.

A top-class panel of sports and business experts will discuss this exciting question in the current UNIQUE talk.

Discuss on the podium:

Wolfgang Konrad | Organizer Vienna City Marathon

Mira Kloss-Zechner | wedobrands, Brand expert

Christian Helmenstein | Chief Economist of the Federation of Austrian Industry, Head of them Economica Institute for Economic Research

Philipp Trattner | Ministry of Sport, Deputy Head of Cabinet Sports Advisor

Johann Skocek | Book author, journalist, historian

Johannes Langer | Publisher, coach, sports thinker

Moderation: Gerald Groß

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