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UNIQUE talk: National Assembly elections 2019 - Part 3 Economic policy

From left to right: Gerald Groß, Christoph Matznetter, Irmi Salzer, Axel Kassegger, Therese Niss, Sepp Schellhorn, Josef Kalina

In countless "TV duels" the leaders of the parties were asked the same question countless times: "Who will they coalition with? And countless times they rewound always the same standing movements.

The "UNIQUE talk" was for all those whom this was not enough and who wanted to know more about WHAT the parties intended to implement after the election.

We had invited top representatives of the parties most likely to be members of the future National Council to take the podium on the four most important topics of the future: taxes, climate, economy and social affairs. In four concentrated content rounds, we want to hear from them what turquoise-red-blue-blue-pink-green plans for our country in the coming years.

On the podium:

Therese Niss | ÖVP

Christoph Matznetter | SPÖ

Axel Kassegger | FPÖ

Sepp Schellhorn | NEOS

Irmi Salzer | Grüne

Gerald Groß | Moderation


Missed the talk? Here to watch:

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