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UNIQUE talk : Getting out of the crisis

You missed the talk? Watch here:

Two years of the Corona crisis have inflicted a deep cut on Austria's economy. Moreover, the war started by Russia is dramatically intensifying the situation around the world. What measures are needed now? How can we best get out of the crisis? The mayor of Vienna Dr. Michael Ludwig, the head of the IHS (Institute for Advanced Studies) Prof. em. Dr. Klaus Neusser and Speedinvest Heroes CEO Maria Baumgartner discussed this issue at the UNIQUE talk.

On the podium:

  • Dr. Michael Ludwig (Mayor of Vienna)

  • Prof.em. Dr. Klaus Neusser (Interim Director at the IHS)

  • Maria Baumgartner (Managing Director Speedinvest Heroes)

  • Moderation: Gerald Groß

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